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What is a Kaomoji?

A Kaomoji is a Japanese style of emoji, often using a creative combination of Japanese characters and punctuation to create unique faces. Traditional English keyboards make these kaomoji hard to reproduce without resorting to copy-pasting, so this app makes it easy to find and send Kaomoji, without having to leave Slack.

Send Kaomoji Effortlessly

Simply type in a search that expresses how you're feeling, and find one in the returned list that you like. No need to copy-paste or type out complex characters; the Kaomoji App will send the kaomoji for you.

Save Kaomoji For Easy Access

Found a kaomoji that fits every situation? Rather than searching for it everytime you want to use it, save it to your shortcuts and pull it up quickly any time you need it.

Have further questions? Having trouble with Kaomoji App? Check out our FAQ.